A Little Birdy Told Us

We had decided to go ahead with our wrap, tote and flip flop business idea, but needed a name. It’s all in a name, it’s all ABOUT the name, isn’t it?

A flurry of emailing back and and forth began. We wanted something that embodied the bride experience, but not overtly. We wanted something sweet, something precious, something that could help for some creative branding (if we’re being honest). We wanted something that was truly, wholeheartedly “us.”

Eventually we started playing around with color… then birds…. and eventually we got to Ivory Sparrow. What says wedding more than a shade of white, and though it’s a tad unusual to associate sparrows with amour, why should they be ignored as love birds?

A week later, we had our first business meeting over coffee. Waiting for our lattes to arrive, we started talking branding, whether or not we were sold on the name “Ivory Sparrow,” when lo and behold the following was set down before us.

ivory sparrow coffeeWe fell silent. For us, it was a sign that we had found the name for this venture. For the barista, it was a sign that she had mad skills in her foam crafting abilities.

Either way, we officially had a name for the path and journey we were about to embark on and it was Ivory Sparrow.

Ivory Sparrow Takes Flight

It’s official… here we come, world!

It started with a wedding… and a future mother-in-law… and a torn out page from a magazine.

The bride had been pouring over bridal glossies, searching for the perfect bridesmaid gift. It was then she spotted a small image of a bride in a terry cloth wrap getting her makeup done. She ripped out the page and promptly added it to her ever-expanding collection of “wedding inspiration” as a possible wedding party gift idea and photo opportunity.

Soon after, she showed the tear-out to her fiancé’s mom, who thought the idea adorable. Having worked in the clothing industry her entire life, she knew not only could she make them, she could make them with luxurious fabric, attractive details and a better fit… which is just what she did.

The big day came and went in the blink of an eye, and once the photographs of the bride and her girls had made the Internet rounds, requests for the wraps started pouring in with abundance.

And that’s how Ivory Sparrow took flight… won’t you join us on our journey?