Splendid Wedding Send-offs

In recent years, the trend for a bride and groom to spend their wedding night eating, drinking and dancing into the wee hours with their guests has almost become an expectation. After parties are hard to say no to, especially when they’re filled with all your friends and family. Thus, it’s almost unusual to buck the trend and go the once traditional route of saying “adieu” to your guests at the end of the (gasp!) wedding. Here are a few of our favorite send-off styles that we found in combing the web for you. Enjoy!

Wish Lanterns
Wish Lanterns 1Fortune Cookie Confetti
Fortune cookie confetti 2Sparklers
Sparklers 3Ribbon Wands
Ribbon Wands 4White Dot Confetti
White Confette 5Balloons
Balloons 6Bubbles
Wedding_Bubbles 7Craft Pom Poms
Craft Pom Poms 8And an oldie, but a goodie…
Car 9Which would we be our choice, you wonder: glorious send-off or after party? Don’t ask us! Having to decide between a fete and a dramatic exit is like asking us to choose between our wraps and robes… We simply can’t!

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