(Soon to be Huge) Honeymoon Destinations

Let’s face it: we’re about 150 years past being able to discover any uncharted territory on planet earth. Still, there are plenty of destinations that are off the beaten path (at least the path of many tourists). Here are a few favorite possible honeymoon spots that have yet to become the next Hawaii (but are dangerously close to becoming hot spots!).


BarbadosThough surrounded by islands that are frequently visited, Barbados has shockingly remained somewhat quiet on the tourist front. While some resorts are exorbitant, there are deals to be found, and their beaches are the perfect place to unwind after the hubbub of your wedding.


BelizeFor travelers looking to unwind and explore, Belize offers the beaches AND jungle. With the second largest barrier reef in the world and more than 1,000 mangrove/sandy cays, snorkeling and diving opportunities are many, and white sandy beaches are dotted with hammocks for pure relaxation.


Plitvice WaterfallsProbably the destination on this list most likely to become a tourist haven first, visiting Croatia right before or after high season (summer) is your best bet. Whether you’re in the mood to wine taste in the Istrian countryside, sunbathe and swim on the island of Hvar, walk the city walls of Dubrovnik, or take in the immense beauty of Plitvice National Park (pictured), this country will not disappoint.

Marshall Islands

Beautiful corals in shallow reef Marshall Islands Majuro AtollThe Marshall Islands is the 5th least visited country on earth due to the fact that it’s difficult to get there (United is the only airline that flies, with flights from Honolulu and Guam, and the prices are ridiculously high). However, if you’re willing to splurge on the plane ticket, paradise awaits. Some of the best diving, fishing and snorkeling can be found here, as can friendly locals and unadulterated beaches.

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and PrincipeThis is another destination that is not easy to get to (quite possibly the most difficult, actually). If, you and your loved one have a plethora of patience, however, it might be just the ticket. Gorgeous green mountains for hiking, amazing clear water beaches and practically no one around – you’ll feel like you’re living in your very own Blue Lagoon.

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