We’re a Blue Ribbon Vendor, Y’all!

Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard of Southern Weddings Magazine? Of course you have, but just in case you need a refresher, it’s the premier wedding magazine in the South. Tastier than sweet tea and better than banana pudding, the ladies behind these pages and website have got beautiful weddings on lock-down.

Thus, we were thrilled to find out we had been selected to be one of their Blue Ribbon Vendors! After a rigorous screening process and crossing our fingers so hard they hurt, we were notified that Ivory Sparrow had made the cut. Yeehaw!!!

Blue Ribbon VendorIf you have a moment to kick your feet up, take a look-see at our listing and let us know what you think. And a million thank yous to the lovely ladies at Southern Weddings Magazine… we appreciate all y’all and all that you do!